Top Skills Required to Become a Full Stack Developer

Gone are those days where developers only require to know one programming language. The IT industry today demands a developer endowed with expertise across all the software domain. They are more equipped to work with myriad technologies starting from the back-end to the front-end.

Become a MEAN Stack Developer

It takes them years of practical learning and expertise to earn the stripe of a good full stack developer. This is one reason why they are considered the rarest of the rarest breed of talent.

Who are Full Stack Developers?

Frontend + Backend= Full Stack

Demand for MEAN Stack Developers already outpaces the supply, now companies are in a hunt to hire the talented lot —Acquire skills which are going to be relevant in coming future.

They are not some alchemist who just magically appeared in the software development terrain. They’re just ordinary human beings like the rest of us. In simple terms, they are the ones who work cross-functionally on the full “Stack” of technologies i.e. both front-end and back-end. In layman terms, I would say they are jack of all trades and also master of many.

Why is there a demand for Full Stack Developers?

About a few years ago, a well planned and functional website required two kinds of people, but cut to the present day — this is not the scenario anymore. It just takes a single developer to do that today.

There’s an expectation that there will be more of Full Stack Developers in the future

Start your journey as a Full (MEAN) Stack developer today!

By 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer science related jobs, and the number of full stack developers roles alone has been said to increase by 198% after 2018.

Considering the findings of 2017 survey by Stack Overflow, Full Stack developers were the most in-demand job role last year and is said to rise in the coming future.Today, the more skills you have, the more opportunities you have.

What are the skills required to be a Full Stack Developer?

For Front-end:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 — These are the two basic fundamentals that one needs to learn at the very beginning of their programing course.
  • JavaScript — 93.6% of all websites in the world uses JavaScript, it is the essential building block that helps add dynamic features to a website.
  • Angular —It is a TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.
  • React — It is a JavaScript library which helps build user interfaces by making it simpler to create interactive UIs.

For Back-end:

  • Node.js — a runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and is an open source cross platform which executes JavaScript code server-side.
  • Express.js — is a web application framework for Node.js and is designed for building web applications and APIs.

For Databases & Storage:

  • Redis — an open source memory database project platform which supports a wide range of data structures such as strings, hashes, sets, lists, sorted sets, bitmaps, hyper-logs, and geo-spatial indexes.
  • MongoDB — is a distributed database which allows to store data in flexible, JSON like documents which means fields can vary from document and data structure can be changed over with time.
Landing a job in a tight talent market is never easy, but certain technical skills can smooth your way

Start your journey as a Full (MEAN) Stack developer to get those skills today!

Currently, Full (MEAN) Stack is taking its poll and now most professionals are considering to learn MEAN Stack today — MongoDB, Express.js, Angular and Node.js. This shows how JavaScript has evolved into a platform of its own.

What would be the benefits of becoming a Full Stack developer?

Full Stack is in high demand in the current IT market and is more likely to grow. Now more than ever companies are looking to hire full stack developers. This 2018, Fintech along with healthtech plans to add about 25,000 IT jobs which means Full Stack Developers will be in huge demand.

The starting average salary of a Full Stack developer ranges between ₹5–7 LPA and can go up to ₹14–18 LPA, however experience may strongly influence the package for this job.

How can you become a Full Stack developer

Full stack development is not something you will accomplish overnight. What you need to do is to start laying a foundation by strengthening the core skills and work more on the technology foundation. No theoretical knowledge can replace the practical knowledge. At edWisor, this is what we aim to provide good learning structure, assignments and projects that will help one work with to understand all aspects to become a full stack developer.

The more assignments and projects you do, the better developer you would become. All the best for your journey to become a Full(MEAN) Stack Developer.


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