Javascript – The First Programming Language one should learn

The software and IT world could draw parallels to the real world where language often unites us all. It is the knowledge of language that makes us feel similar to people, makes you feel like we belong somewhere, the same way, with such a large community of engineers, the correct language unites them all and the knowledge of the correct language also fulfills the engineer’s dream, a lucrative job, a lucrative salary and a cool designation on the business card.

With such a buffet of languages, it is hard to pick out which is the one you should be pursuing. But it’s simple, pick the one that is most popular and most demanded. And that would be JavaScript.

Stack Overflow developers survey rated JavaScript to be the most popular language of 2017!

Here are some other facts about JavaScript:

1. Most Popular Programming Language

For the fifth year in a row, JavaScript was the most commonly used programming language,” the report states. Listed by 62.5 percent of respondents, it was followed by SQL (51.2 percent), Java (39.7 percent), C# (34.1 percent) and Python (32 percent).

2. JavaScript is easy to use and has an immediate payoff

JavaScript is one of the web programming languages that runs both in the Front-end and Back-end.

Fun Fact: JavaScript comes installed on every modern web browser, so you can actually start programming in JavaScript this very second on the same browser that you are using to read this article.

3. JavaScript can be used to make sites pretty and to build crazy fast servers

Up until about ten years ago, JavaScript was really only used on the frontend. That means that it ran in your browser and allowed developers to create interactive elements on websites like slideshows and whatnot, but it didn’t do a lot of fancy stuff.

The past few years have seen INSANE development in the JavaScript language. JSON has taken over as one of the most popular ways to transfer data. Node.js was released and allows you to build servers in JavaScript. Libraries like Mustache.js and Handlebars.js have made it possible to create awesome JavaScript templates. And frameworks like Ember.js, Angular.js, and Backbone.js are powering the creation of thousands of crazy interactive web applications and have pushed the limits of JavaScript way further than anyone thought it could go.

4. Most Popular Frameworks are Based out of JavaScript:

JavaScript-based offerings also fared well in the category of most popular “frameworks, libraries and other technologies,” where Node.js and AngularJS were first and second, with React at №4.

5. Most popular language used by Web Developers, Devops Engineers and Data Scientists.

Stack Overflow also listed the most popular languages by occupation, where JavaScript again dominated, placing №1 in Web Developer, Sysadmin/DevOps and Data Scientist/Engineer categories and №2 in the Desktop Developer section, where SQL barely edged it out by 0.2 percentage points.

5. Tons of job growth and high pay for those who know JavaScript

  • JavaScript is a keyword in fully 1% of all jobs posted on Indeed
  • jQuery (a popular JavaScript library) is ranked #8 on the fastest growing keywords and is found in ~0.5% of jobs posted to the site
  • Jobs advertising for Node.js expertise have grown 80,000% over the last three years
  • Jobs advertising for Angular.js expertise have grown 9,000% in just the last year
  • Jobs advertising for Backbone.js skills start at $60,000 and go up to $140,000 !
  • There are currently over 54,886 jobs on Indeed advertising for JavaScript knowledge

Source: SkillCrush Magazine

Where do professionals learn these courses? 
According to the stack overflow report, majority of the professional developers acclaimed that they were self taught. Online portals came second in the list of resources used by the professionals to learn these languages.

However, when these professionals were asked to advise aspiring engineers, the majority of them suggested the use of online resources as a better form of learning.

What is demanded In India? 
JavaScript ranks 3rd in the list of the most popular languages in India just falling short of Python and Java.


But considering the global market trend, JavaScript holds a bright future and a greater potential for the upcoming developers. With such a short time and also with such stiff competition JavaScript has been able to attain a possible monopoly as the most preferred language by Developers.

With technological trends and advancements being observed in rapid pace in the Software Industry, its the professionals who have constantly kept their pace with the technological trends that have been able to reap the most fruitful benefits of this growth, leaving other professionals behind complaining or dissatisfied with their jobs. This has called for professionals to pay attention to their present career and continuously try to improve their skill sets in order to have lucrative careers and this is our major aim as an Indian re-skilling platform.

We at edWisor believe that re-skilling is the correct path in order to grow and encourage fellow software professionals to pursue their dream career through our training modules. We aim to bridge the gap between lack of skill sets and unemployment in India,which is the major deterrent that has till now proved to be a major hindrance for the professionals in the country.


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