How to Become a Front-end Developer in 2019?

According to Michael Page’s India salary report 2019, front-end developers are one of the most in-demand job roles in the industry. There are over 3.2 million vacancies in front-end development worldwide.

Front-end developer
Front-end developer

Growth in front-end development is steep, and there are plenteous opportunities, especially because companies now want their customers to have a good experience while using their software, where front-end developers are required.

Front-end Development
Front-end Development

The first step towards becoming a front-end developer is to learn the skills required in front-end development, you can start learning right here.

Who are front-end developers?

Front-end developers bring intuitive designs for these apps to life. As a front-end developer, one is responsible for the development of interfaces, optimizing the appearance of interfaces across multiple devices, optimizing the loading speed of a website and more. This is important so that users can use the websites and apps smoothly.

How is the demand for Front-end developers?

opportunities in front-end development
opportunities in front-end development

You can start learning and preparing to avail these opportunities and become a front-end developer.

Front-end is an important part of a website, a mobile application, or any other device with a viewable screen. The success of a website depends hugely on its visual appeal. 
If a user can’t understand how to use a website, the whole purpose of a website is defeated. Hence, front-end developers are wanted by companies. Compared to a few years ago, front-end development has grown significantly bigger and now is a much broader area including roles such as usability researcher, UI/UX developer, and more.

What skills are required in front-end development?

In front-end development, you need to be familiar with the concept of front-end technologies.

become a front-end developer
become a front-end developer

These are the major skills (technologies) you need to know to be able to work on a front-end development.

  1. HTML5 — You need to know this to define and structure the content on a webpage.
  2. CSS3 — CSS3 is the latest CSS standard used across the web. In order to develop, responsive websites and to define the geometry of website design, CSS is mandatory. In simple words, CSS helps you to style a website. You add colors, fonts, and more using CSS.
  3. JavaScript — This is a programming language you need to know. JavaScript is essentially used to lend interactivity to a website.
  4. jQuery — Jquery is a JavaScript library. It makes HTML document traversal and manipulation and other front-end tasks such as event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across multiple browsers. jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.
  5. Angular( or other advance frameworks): Currently, Angular is the most widely used front-end framework used by some of the top tech companies around the world.
Angular js-demanded framework for front-end developer
Angular js-demanded framework for front-end developer

You can learn Angular 4 here and start building your skills in front-end development.

Big e-commerce & streaming websites have large code databases and keeping it manually organized is a hectic process. These frameworks keep the code organised which are easy to visit and manipulate when required.

Angular 5 is the latest release of Angular. However, as of today, this hasn’t been much used in production. So if you should start with Angular 4.

Other than these technologies, it’s extremely important that a front-end developer has a good logical and analytical aptitude and good problem-solving ability.

How much do front-end developers make?

The salary of the front-end developer ranges between 4–20 LPA. This depends on various factors including experience, technologies and the work they have done.

Freshers can earn between 4–6 LPA. This depends on the number of technologies and the proficiency of developers in their skills. According to Michael Page’s India Salary Report 2018, this salary is projected to increase by 20–31% of average salary if one moves jobs.

With expanding the scope in IoT and artificial intelligence, opportunities for front-end developers aren’t limited to web anymore. Front-end developers are also needed to develop interfaces for smart devices such as TV, watches and other.

How to approach learning front-end development?

If you’re a rookie, an undergraduate student, or a fresher out of college, you should first ensure that you know the above skills. Learning the above skills would take you anywhere between 2–3 months.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the basics skills. So make sure to get a good command on these skills. Proceed to learn Angular ( or any other front-end framework). This can take you 1–2 months to learn. The next thing to do is to work on projects. It’s best if you work on a project from scratch. This would give you an understanding of every aspect of front-end development. If you’re acquainted with all aspects of front-end development, it ensures a good package and faster growth in career.

You can start learning at edWisor. You will get a comprehensive learning curriculum which will equip with the skills required in front-end development. You will learn Angular 4, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript and more while working on some challenging front-end projects.


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