Journey of a Mechanical Engineer to a Front-end Developer | Story of Ankita Patange

Most of the decisions we make every day are pretty easy: what to eat, what to wear to work, whether to stay up late or go off to sleep. They don’t cause us any kind of stress or any kind of conflict.

Career decisions, on the other hand, leave you feeling confused and stuck, not being able to find the right job, especially when you’re facing life’s big challenges. We’ve always been plagued by indecision.

Journey of a Mechanical Engineer to a Front-end Developer
Journey of a Mechanical Engineer to a Front-end Developer

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From being a Mechanical Engineer and working for 6 months, having 1.5 years gap in her career to becoming a Front-end Developer, Ankita Patange has an inspiring story to tell us.

But before diving further, let me unveil the bitter truth about the state of mechanical engineers in India.

According to McKinsey report, it is stated that only a quarter of engineers in India were actually capable of getting a job. Especially in fields such as mechanical engineering the employability rate stands to mere 5%. The biggest reason to such downfall in jobs is due to poor syllabus, poor infrastructure, systemic problems and above all, most of the jobs are overtaken by automation.

Recent studies have also shown that the employability rate has dipped down to 20%. And according to Aspiring Minds, it has been reported that 95% of Indian engineers cannot write a single line of code.This is a worrying situation because a major chunk of engineers are all employed in the IT sector. One major downfall as to why manufacturing sector is not able to make progress despite government impetus.

A serious situation has risen during the years. Although the governing body is keen to bring about systemic changes to improve the quality of education it is just a matter of time where students are already shifting into careers that skills them for the job market today.

Let’s read one of those stories here –

Ankita graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2016. She started her career in a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) for 6 months but was not satisfied with the job which eventually made her leave the company. She then thought of shifting her career to the IT domain, but having a huge gap in her career and being from a mechanical background she wasn’t sure how to go about it.

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“I started my career at a BPO, but I was not satisfied at all. I always wanted to get into the IT domain but didn’t know how to go further since I was from mechanical background,” 
-says Ankita.

One day she received a call from one of the counselors at edWisor, and she was counseled as to how she could still be able to make it into the IT sector irrespective of the education background she belonged to. And well this was what she really wanted for herself — a pathway that leads her into the IT sector.

“That was the moment when I realized I should grab this opportunity. I always had the interest to create websites and design it in a way to ease user experience.”
-says Ankita

The fact that edWisor met all the criteria which fit her background was one of the major reasons to look no further and begin her career as a front end developer.

Being from mechanical background, Ankita had very limited knowledge of programming. This made it difficult for her to cope up in the initial learning stages since everything was new. There were moments when she had to struggle hours together solving a problem. But she aced through it with the help of discussion board and excellent mentor support.

“After completion of each level in the course, an assignment was given to work on and reviewed by the mentors. The review included the areas that I needed to improve and the areas where I was doing well. The assignments and the projects gave me good hands-on experience and improved my understanding of the technologies. Also, the guidance and grooming session by the HR team boosted my confidence levels,”

-says Ankita.

Currently, Ankita is one of the successful candidates who has completed her project stage and has been placed with Avantsy, Hyderabad as a Front-end Developer.

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Let’s see what the hiring manager had to say-

With the help of edWisor’s career path and hiring assurance, Ankita landed her dream job. At edWisor, she was able to put the use of all that she had learned during her learning stage and project stage at edWisor.


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