How to be a Full Stack Developer| Inspiring story, Harish Matta

Here is most likely another nonexclusive example of success. The story plot continues as before, the individual figures out how to re-aptitude himself and after that find the way to accomplish his objective, and really does it. This isn’t an example of overcoming the adversity of a tech superstar who has begun a worldwide organization, this is an example of overcoming the adversity of one of the many hopeful engineers who is attempting to accomplish their objectives.

A journey from a Software Tester to a Full Stack Developer
A journey from a Software Tester to a Full Stack Developer

State of graduate engineers in India

This is a story of Harish Matta, one of the many engineers who have chosen to engineer as their means for their dream career. A dream that many in this country see, and often feel engineering to be the right path to prepare themselves for it. A nation that produces 1.5 million engineers consistently, an amazing measure of the dream poses a concern. He is likewise fortunate to be a piece of the 40% out of this 1.5 million who got a new line of work after college. Unfortunately, even though he was part of this lucky bunch who made it and secured jobs, he was facing the dilemma if this was the right path towards his dream career.

Acquire skills to get your Dream Job
Acquire skills to get your Dream Job

Constant learning gap and gnawing job dissatisfaction

Harish started his career as a Quality Assurance Engineer at an MNC. He always felt that there was a constant learning gap, a hunger for passion is what he strived for. While completing his engineering, Harish had envisioned a lucrative career as a web developer for himself. To pursue the life of a developer, Harish decided to equip himself with a different set of skills and thus he enrolled himself for Mean Stack Developer Career path at edWisor. A relentless pursuit he put up in terms of chasing his dream, working 10–7 in the office and continued his learning till 2–3 A.M. in the night.

Start your career as a MEAN Stack Developer

“As a self paced platform, it enabled me to keep a work-learning balance proactively rather than it being a exhausting factor. Spending a couple of hours on the platform did not seem tiresome as the curriculum is very engaging and pushes the candidates to thrive more towards learning. One of the best parts of the journey would be learning the new technologies and tips tricks that I was able to execute in the company I am currently working in and getting appreciated for the same”, states Harish

Learning in-demand skills and building proficiency

Harish followed the learning methodology by edWisor wherein he learned technical skills like JavaScript, Angular, MongoDB, Node.js, etc. He also got to work on assignments and projects which are actual industry simulations of projects which honed his skills and cleared his doubts by expert mentors. As it is these technical skills which any company value at the time of hiring. 
After 6 months of focused learning, building his profile on GitHub, Linkedin , and AngelList, he was finally able to secure his dream job as a Mean Stack Developer.

projects to build portfolio
projects to build portfolio

“The gap between job skills and graduates is a major lacuna in India and needs to be addressed effectively and such a vision and pedagogy followed by edWisor gave me the confidence to enroll with them”, states Harish.

A staggering fact that 60% of engineers in India are not skilled enough to be employed poses a threat to the careers of graduates whose career are yet to take off. This has called for different measures to be taken by candidates in order to remain relevant in the Software and IT industry.

Learn the skills required to become a MEAN Stack Developer

Harish is currently placed at Sixmod5 Tech Studio as a Full Stack Developer and is quite happy with the way his career is turning up.

“After being employed in this industry for a while now, one thing that I have observed is that professionals who are willing to re-skill themselves and ready to adapt to new technologies have been able to enjoy lucrative careers and edWisor incorporates the similar pedagogy in their modules” shares Harish as a part of his experience in this industry.

Re-skilling is the way ahead

Learners passionate about web development should constantly look for new avenues where they can learn and add to their skill set. The Software and IT industry are constantly changing, and people adapting faster to such change are the ones who are successful in this industry.

Here, we offer relevant resources to professionals like Harish Matta who are passionate and smart candidates with the potential to make it big.

“As an online platform, we points the candidates in the right direction and provides adequate resources, the last stretch has to be covered by the candidate of course”, says Harish.

There is a questionable gap between the skills imparted at academic institutions and the demands of the IT industry. This is a major threat to the careers of candidates in India, and at edWisor we aim to shorten the supply-demand gap of skills and offer candidates with resources to learn the in-demand skills and lead them towards their dream career.


edWisor started in 2015 with a vision to transform the professional career of millions of students and professionals who are struggling achieve their Dream Career. We have created a unique ecosystem with a combination of ed-tech and HR-tech platforms. edWisor provides complete job-skills in technologies as per industry standards required for trending career paths such as Data Scientist, MEAN Stack Developer, etc. At the same time meeting industry demands with a Skill Pool of job-ready, up-skilled and assessed candidates under edWisor eco-system. Thus providing an end to end solution to the skill and employability problem faced by industry and students/professionals. With over 5000+ careers transformed and over 250+ Hiring Partners hiring from edWisor. We are India’s first platform to offer ‘Guaranteed Interviews’.

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