Looking to work for a Startup? Here are some things you need to know

Startups are currently the new revolution that has drastically impacted the job market. With an increasing number of companies coming up as startups, this has, in turn, increased the market competition along with job opportunities.

Looking to work for a Startup
Looking to work for a Startup

With several parks and learning opportunities offered in the startups, many aspiring professionals are looking to try their hand in these new breeds of companies. There are several reasons why candidates are looking to join startups these days:

  1. Lucrative salary packages: 82% of the Startups are known to pay more than the market median with some startups adding Equity and ESOPs to packages.
  2. Progressive Learning Curve: With the constant progress of start-ups, the learning curves of people working there increases proportionately.
  3. Working with the latest technologies: Startups are known to be the early adopters of new technologies and trends. This essentially provides professionals with early exposure to the latest technologies.

Coming to the hiring processes of startups, it is a very rigorous process. Imagine you’re a two-member team, who are just starting out with their company, you have got a great idea and all you need is a team that takes it forward. But hiring this team is a very time-consuming process. Considering what is at stake here, startups are looking for candidates with exceptional and relevant skills with a hunger to learn more. More than big MNC’s, startups are the ones that follow a more stringent hiring process in terms of skills.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while applying to startups:

Technical skills

Coming to the skill-set review, Startups are predominantly skilled focused. Academic brand name or performance are not considered criteria of rejection if the candidate showcases relevant skills efficiently. Here are a few key points towards developing your profile while applying to startups:

Close adherence to job requirements:

  • Startups want to grow fast, and for that, it is important how closely the candidate’s skills match the startup’s needs. Technical skills are something startups do not really compromise on.
  • Popular job roles like web development, data science, app development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence make extensive use of multiple technologies and the candidate is expected to have prior knowledge or need to showcase the willingness to learn.
  • The best part is that the latest technologies currently have multiple applications. JavaScript-based technologies like Angular, Node.js, MongoDB are extensively used in the above-mentioned roles along with R and Python.

Front End Developers earn 18–22 LPA. Learn the latest technologies and you too could be earning such a lucrative package too!

You have to live by the code!

  • Technical roles in Startups will involve a lot of coding. It is important that you have brushed up your Github profile and worked on projects beforehand which you can showcase as part of your coding skills.
  • Areas like web development have shown progressive growth over time, with a projected growth rate of 20% by 2024, faster than other related professions. Along with strong proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms, companies look for candidates versed in the trending technologies.
  • Candidates should be able to code logically and they need to understand what task entails and should be able to reproduce the work in simple and neat forms of codes. This showcases their proficiency in working on these technologies.
Node js developer
Node js developer

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Along with technical requirements, it is highly important to have a balanced skill-set. For any startup that has a promising future, it is crucial to find well-rounded, self-motivated people determined to succeed and thrive in a growing company, candidates in the company should be adaptable and have balanced skill-set, who are driven and eager to make a difference.

Job opportunities
Job opportunities

With so many opportunities coming up, do you think you are ready for it? Prepare yourself with the necessary skills and learn the relevant technologies. Start building your dream career today!

Social Skills are considered as an important factor during the recruitment process.

  • Companies assess personality traits in order to analyze how comfortable the candidate would be in the corporate environment. These aspects are essential factors that affect the productivity of the candidate.
  • Enthusiasm is what startups look for in their candidates, especially those who are actively experimenting with projects in their own time.
  • Candidates who are looking for newer and efficient methods to make their work better and candidates are willing to learn and adapt to new technologies along with a very strong determination to get through when things get tough

Imbibing all these factors mentioned above, it creates a comprehensive and competent candidate profile which is exactly what companies are looking. A, We understand this perspective and requirements and include the relevant training in terms of technical skills along with soft skills. Being an ed-Tech platform that is backed by an HR-tech team and over 200 hiring partners, candidates enrolling with edWisor are provided with complete assistance in order to become employable. With the relevant technologies included in the module along with the mock interview sessions, our aim is to build comprehensive job-centric professionals.


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