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Last year AIB (All India Bakchod) released the video ‘AIB Honest Placements’. One of the scenes of the video showed a mass recruiter (a term used to refer the service-based companies that hire fresh graduates in large numbers) to make deal for 3 LPA for a certain KG mass of student. Even though we thoroughly enjoyed the pun intended in the video, it brought forth the reality of campus placements in India. The video reflects the helplessness on the face of the graduates hired in the campus placements.

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The standard procedure followed by most service-based companies (aka mass recruiters) is to hire graduates in large numbers (sometimes this number reaches to thousands ). Over a period of 3–6 months, these graduates are trained on a few technologies according to the requirements of these companies.

Finally, few graduates are assigned to a technology to work on. Those who don’t perform as per the expectations of the company are ‘let go’.

The Infamous Bench: Court Trial of the IT industry

While the remaining graduates are asked to wait until a suitable project comes up where their skill can be fully utilized. Infamously , this period is called as ‘ bench’ period.

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Game theory of Corporates: The game of Skill.

When you look at this from the company’s perspective, it’s a perfectly executed “Game of scale” which reduces the risk for the companies and helps them maximize their gain. However, for a graduate in the nascent stage of his/her career this could turn out to be a career suicide.

Here’s a graduate whose career is decided by the company, not him (in most cases), where he develops the negligence towards the fact that college is something that you go through for 3–4 years whereas choice of career actually decides the course for rest of his/her life. They get a limited scope of learning based on their project/team/technology and they don’t get a chance or exposure to acquire skills beyond that (in most companies).

A recent report by NASSCOM stated that Indian IT companies would have to re-skill its 3.9 million employees to meet the demands of fast growing technology space. If you take a rough estimate of the cost required for training all these people, you can safely extrapolate that at some point in ‘x’ years (x depending on a lot of factors), the market will be flooded by freshers who can be trained easily and at a much lesser cost ( as the base salary package will be less that of experienced professionals). So, technically speaking, it would be profitable for companies to hire and train new people instead of up-skilling or re-skilling the existing lot.

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The salary package of new hires usually falls in the range of 2–3 LPA and it increases to a maximum of 3–5 LPA in 2–3 years. During this period, there are numerous opportunities that graduates can avail which can directly impact their growth, both in terms of knowledge and compensation. The growth in salary can be increased manifolds (usually in the the range of 5–8 LPA, at least). The major way is to learn new in-demand technologies. However, these people find themselves lacking time, money or guidance to learn these technologies and skill.

Conclusively, this whole episode in the career of an Indian engineering graduate boils down to ‘Game of Skills’. Employees at Indian service-based companies today have a choice to either skill themselves and continually grow in their career and stay relevant in the tech industry, or wait for the time when they are replaced by new hires of their companies.

We at edWisor believe that learning can never be contained. With technological advancements taking place in rampant pace, it is the professionals that are continuously equipping themselves who enjoy the benefits of such a prosperous Software Industry. As this industry scales up, the demand in skills have also increased multi-fold. This has called for professionals and aspiring candidates to keep with such pace and demand by continuously re-skilling themselves with the latest relevant technologies.

The good thing amidst all this is — there are multiple platforms which are available for learning in-demand industry skills. There are also platforms which help Indian IT professionals’ transition to a new job with better prospects. All you have to do is make the effort to prepare for challenges to come.

At edWisor, we are continuously observing the market trends and always aim to impart the correct and relevant skills in our candidates. Our main intention remains to produce candidates that are efficient and proficient enough to carry out any task that the market demands of them and also are strong enough to take on further challenges that may come their way.

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edWisor started in 2015 with a vision to transform the professional career of millions of students and professionals who are struggling achieve their Dream Career. We have created a unique ecosystem with a combination of ed-tech and HR-tech platforms. edWisor provides complete job-skills in technologies as per industry standards required for trending career paths such as Data Scientist, MEAN Stack Developer, etc. At the same time meeting industry demands with a Skill Pool of job-ready, up-skilled and assessed candidates under edWisor eco-system. Thus providing an end to end solution to the skill and employability problem faced by industry and students/professionals. With over 5000+ careers transformed and over 250+ Hiring Partners hiring from edWisor. We are India’s first platform to offer ‘Guaranteed Interviews’.

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